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1.  Why attend the Northeast Prep School Showcase?

The Northeast Prep School Showcase is the ONLY showcase in the country that provides an opportunity for HS players to play in front of and be evaluated and recruited by the best prep school coaches in the country,  Additionally, we hold a Parent/Coach Round Table discussion with a panel of experts for 1 hour during the Showcase.  This discussion is to educate the parents about the prep school process.

2.  What is our success rate?

So far, between 20-25% of all Northeast Prep School Showcase attendees have been successfully recruited and are attending prep school.

3.  How much is it to attend the Northeast Prep School Showcase?

$175 for players

$50 for Coaches

4.  What grades can attend the Northeast Prep School Showcase?

Any boy or girl currently in 8th grade to 12th grade.

5.  What happens at the Northeast Prep School Showcase?

1st - Check In and receive uniform and information packet

2nd - Introduction and warm-ups

3rd - 1 hour workout (prep school coaches evaluate)

**We hold the Parent/Coach Round table discussion during the 1 hour workout**

4th - 2 hours of 5 on 5 team basketball (prep school coaches evaluate)

5th - Closing comments

6.  How will the coaches contact us if they're interested?

When you register, you provide us with your contact information which we use for the player roster.  Your son/daughter get a jersey with a number on it when you check in.  Each coach gets a player roster when they check in and your child's name corresponds with their jersey number on the roster.  If a coach wants to recruit your child, they see their jersey number and know who they are and therefore have all of the contact information you provided.

7.  Why do you have online registration only?

We want this to be the best possible experience for everybody involved.  By having online registration, we ensure that the prep school coaches get the correct contact information for ALL players involved.  This is so, because whoever registers the player provides the contact information them self, rather than someone transcribing and potentially mixing up the info.  Furthermore, we order your Northeast Prep School Showcase uniform based on the sizes that you provide at registration.  This prevents us from having to guess at size order quantities and then the athlete not having a uniform that fits them when it's time to compete.  This also allows us to not have to order tons of extra uniforms which would raise the cost for you.  With that said, we do order a few extra uniforms for each showcase and once they are gone, we close all registration.  Additionally, by registering and paying online, it removes us from handling money and provides our customers a safe financial transaction process.

8.  Do you take walk-ups?

See the above question and answer

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